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Here are the kind words from some of our customers. 

            I purchased one of these wraps and a different stealthy ostomy wrap and my goodness this is beautiful!  My favourite part is how wide it is! Other ostomy wraps are not very wide...this is wide enough so it doesn’t move up and down, and it looks great under your shirt! Just makes it look like you are wearing layers! It is very well constructed, soft, smooth. I love it. I just bought myself two more! Will recommend to everyone!

- Elyse Robinson

I always felt self conscious in my yoga class because my support belt would always show above my pants ...with this wrap i where it above my waist band with the writing showing and I feel so much more comfortable and confident. I just love it! -- Sports Wrap 

- Anna

I finally feel like myself again after 15 years. This wrap is the greatest thing I have purchased since my ileostomy surgery. Love how I can wear my favorite jeans again , without the fear of others noticing . Thank you so much!

- Rose Murphy


ali chandler

I am 22 years old and have battled with Crohns/Colitis since 2013. I am a wife, mother to a baby girl and have a sweet boy coming in Spring of 2019. In December of 2013 I became sick and it happened so fast. Over many failed medications, biological drugs, and countless surgeries and hospital stays I knew this wasn’t the life I wanted to live. After delivering my little girl in August of 2017, I decided in May of 2018 to end this miserable journey and welcome my end ileostomy. Life became so weird. Going from a flat stomach to a lump and a bag was not easy to say the least. Trying to find my new “normal” seemed like it was going to be impossible. Until I tried this wrap. I finally felt “like me”. I was comfortable. I was able to still wear my favorite jeans and shirt without feeling exposed. Plus on the bright side, the patterns are so cute how could you not feel good about yourself!! “The pain may come over you… but never let it overcome you”

- Ali Chandler


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